Student life -Words From an Alumni: Maud, MSc Graduate

Words From an Alumni: Maud, MSc Graduate

Maud is an Alumni of Rennes School of Business and has been working at E&Y for 4 years. Let’s hear her story.

 I got my first internship at E&Y thanks to an Alumni!

Hi Maud, you are an Alumni of Rennes School of Business. Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

I’m Maud Fontana, from cohort 20 (PGE). I also completed the MSc in International Accounting, Management Control, and Auditing. Then I joined Ernst & Young as an intern right after finishing my Masters and have been working with the same company for 4 years as Senior Financial Editor, in Rennes.


What about your international experience?

Macau China

Macau, China

During my second year of study, I studied in Macau (China) for 6 months, where I had a specialization in Finance. China was my first choice so I was very happy to have the opportunity to study in this country. It was great to discover another culture, which was really different from ours. The classes were really interesting and extensive, more academic than in France I would say. There, I developed knowledge in several financial fields and it helped me to choose my professional project and career in Finance.


What did you like about your studies?

What I liked the most at RSB was the fact that, the first year, we were part of an association and built projects with our team. It was great. The “TIME” (organized by the sports association) is one of my greatest memories.

I met amazing people including friends and professors. We were lucky to have many students from overseas to exchange with. I also kept in touch with some of my professors. They really follow your career and it is a great way to keep in touch with the school.


What is the Alumni network like?

alumni event

An Alumni Event: the Summer Party 2017 in Paris

Well, I got my first internship thanks to an Alumni who I contacted via the Alumni directory on their website. So it shows the strengths of this school’s Alumni network, although it is a young school in France. What I also like is that there are many Alumni events all over the world!


A word for current and future students?

To future students: if international is your main goal, then RSB is made for you! And for current students: be open to every possibility that a Business School can offer, be open to people, professors, events, career events, professional conferences…. It’s a great way to develop your network. Be curious, audacious

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