Student life

2020 Best School Experience Speak & Act ranking

The Rennes School of Business community is centred around our 4,800 students and the School, particularly its Student Care team, is 100% dedicated to student life and well-being on campus.

During their studies at Rennes SB, students do not just benefit from an exceptional learning environment, but become part of a unique student experience, driven by the values of the School: Audacity, Openness, Creativity, Humility and Freedom!

In 2020, Rennes School of Business was featured in second place of the Speak & Act ranking of business schools that offer the best student experience. Such recognition truly reflects the school’s commitment to the well-being of our students!

Loubna Aziz, Director, Student Experience - SENSe Department, Rennes SBHelping to facilitate the daily lives of our students, and contributing to their well-being, is the main mission of the “Student Care” team at Rennes School of Business, in close collaboration with the other departments of the School. Thanks to a range of practical services, every student benefits from personalised support on various subjects which allows them to make the most of their experience at Rennes School of Business, life on campus and their student life.

Loubna AZIZ
Director, Student Care – SENSe Department

Feel Good

At Rennes SB, we are convinced that in order to find their way, our students must begin by feeling good about their daily lives and their studies.
The 3 pillars of our Feel Good initiative are designed to help us reach this objective:

  • Well-being and health
  • Ethics
  • Diversity and inclusion

Well-being & health at the heart of your studies

For any questions relating to health, any need for advice or psychological support, our students are able to contact our partner health experts, via the Pros Consulte teleconsultation platform (accessible 24/7) and the French-language BAPU service (University Psychological Assistance Office), for completely confidential and discrete personalised support.
Rennes SB also organises various workshops dedicated to student well-being and health with topics such as: preventing addiction, fighting against harassment, stress management, sleep and nutrition, etc.
Rennes SB is committed to fighting against all forms of discrimination and inequality, in order to ensure that all of our students are given equal opportunities to succeed.
It is to meet this objective that we have put in place specific measures for inclusion and equal treatment


Rennes SB has a zero-tolerance policy for behaviour that goes against its values of openness, respect and diversity.

The school is committed to living better together and refuses any form of hazing, harassment and discrimination.
In order to prevent such activities, empower our students and guarantee a safe and respectful student experience, Rennes SB has implemented:

  • A prevention and awareness plan, co-constructed with students
  • A dedicated platform, in partnership with Reporting.Net, for students to signal, raise awareness and report inappropriate behaviour
  • A specialised protocol to help and support victims and/or witnesses

Students with disabilities

Rennes SB is committed to fighting against all forms of discrimination and inequality, in order to ensure that all of our students are given equal opportunities to succeed.

It is to meet this objective that we have put in place specific measures to welcome and support students with disabilities.

Diversity & Inclusion

At Rennes SB, diversity is one of our greatest strengths. Students are encouraged to recognise, accept and promote their differences so that everyone, regardless of their social background or medical situation, finds their place within our School. This is why we are committed to giving the same opportunities to everybody to access our pathways and services.

Our students can therefore be listened to and supported, in complete confidence and discretion, by the Feel Good teams. In synergy with the Programmes and Academic Affairs, they will provide personalised follow-up throughout the course and will help allow the students to benefit from a suitable working environment.

Campus life

Aloha Square

The mission of the “Student Care” team is to facilitate students’ daily lives, ensure a smooth pathway and promote their well-being. With a single point of contact called “Aloha Square”, all of our students are able to benefit from personal answers and the possibility to make an appointment with a staff member for guidance.

Whether on-site at Aloha Square, an information and assistance hub, online via chat on Teams or by telephone, the team is available, providing listening and proximity as well as essential day-to-day services.


The Enjoy initiative at Rennes School of Business aims to strengthen campus life by organising events for students in order to enrich their experience and encourage them to discover different cultures, such as:

The Campus Festival: a festival on campus which aims to mix populations in a friendly environment (students from all programmes, teachers and school staff of all nationalities)

The International Fair: promotes exchanges abroad, experience sharing and international relations with first-hand accounts from students and partner universities. The 2020 edition took place online, with 45 conferences and events.

logo_info_latte Rennes SB

Info Latte is an event that was co-created with students in February 2020. Its purpose is to bring students, staff and teachers together in a friendly and informal manner.

The Graduation Ceremony: the yearly graduation ceremony brings student life to an end and celebrates the transition to professional life. There were 2600 participants present at the 2019 edition.

Student Associations

The different associations of our management school are divided into five main areas of activity with a vast choice of projects including business services, entrepreneurship, sustainability, finance, humanitarian projects, sports, artistic and cultural events and student services.


Well’Come’s mission is to welcome, integrate and support international students at Rennes School of Business. The association contributes to the School’s international promotion. Amongst their many activities, Well’Come is responsible for organising the arrival of international students and welcoming them at the airport or train station in Rennes.

All the events it organises are aimed at fostering contact between French and international students.

Well’Come seeks to promote exchange, diversity, tolerance, sharing and open-mindedness.

These values are promoted at events that aim to foster relations between international and French students.



Integration days and evenings are organised for students, including a daytrip to Saint-Malo, an evening at a French creperie, after-work events, ice skating, cinema trips, etc.
The Well’Come association is there to provide students with a warm welcome, and to help both French and international students during their successful integration at the School.

Student Advisory Board

Student Advisory Board 2020-2021

This advisory committee compiled of 16 students with diverse profiles has one main mission: to be the voice of all students for a better student experience and contribute to making Rennes School of Business a wonderful place to live and study. It is composed of:

  • Nimisha AWASTHI – MSc ILBM
  • Arthur DUMAS – IBPM 3
  • Alice FOURAGNAN – PGE 2- BNEM member (National Bureau of students at Management Schools)
  • Anastase HIRIART – PGE 2
  • Antoine HORRER – PGE 2 – BNEM member (National Bureau of students at Management Schools)
  • Pierre LEMAIRE – PGE 1 – President of the BDE society
  • Jeanne LUISIN – IBPM 2
  • Pauline POUILLEUX – PGE 1
  • Gabin RINGUEDÉ – PGE 3 RPI
  • Vaishnavi SHENOY – PGE 3 – double-degree MSc IF
  • Abhilasha SETH – MSc ILBM
  • Someshwar SIDDAPPA – MSc SCM
  • Jules-Emile SIMON – PGE 2 – RPI
  • Syed Shariff SYED MEERANJI – MSc DBAN
  • Shanti TALLURI – MSc DBAN

Learning Center

The Learning Center provides quiet workspaces, on-site and online resources, and information search support.


  • 800 m2 (Building 4, 1st floor)
  • 2 large rooms dedicated to individual work
  • 1 workspace with 4 IMacs equipped with Photoshop
  • 7 bookable co-working spaces equipped with whiteboards and flat screens
  • 1 Faculty Room


  • Over 10,000 press publications and academic journals, 20,000 books and an extensive collection of e-books
  • Access to the largest international management databases
  • Visit the Learning Center website

Plan de Rennes School of Business et ses 4 bâtiments

Le Learning Center de Rennes SB


Do you want to launch your own project as an entrepreneur?

Student entrepreneurs are welcome at Rennes SB!

Stimulating innovation and supporting students in the launch of their projects is a strategic commitment of the school.

If you have an innovative idea or a start-up project, the Rennes School of Business Innostart programme is here to support you!

Staying active

Rennes School of Business encourages its students to stay active. The campus sports facilities are accessible to all.

Terrain de sport extérieur de Rennes SB

Students are able to join many associative and sports activities (Cheerleading Football; Fitness; Badminton; Horse riding; Volleyball; Boxing; Dance; Rugby; Climbing; Basketball; Swimming; Handball; Tennis; Judo; Running) or to participate in the Team Challenge (Ecricome inter-school sports tournament) or the BVE UNICEF Club.

Running, swimming, golfing, climbing, pedalling, playing the Breton game “Palet”, rope courses, skating or paddling… there’s something for everyone!

In Rennes, you can choose between a wide variety of sports and leisure activities.

Catering facilities

The Rennes SB campus has a large dining area (hot dishes are available every day, including vegetarian options) and a cafeteria (snack, coffee, pastries, sandwiches, soups, fruit, etc.).   Students pay for their meals as they would at a university restaurant. Depending on the season, dining areas are available both inside and outside.

cafet de Rennes SBcafeteria de Rennes SB


Rennes’ airport is located in Saint-Jacques-de-La-Lande. The C6 bus takes you straight to the city centre from the airport.

The bus service has developed rapidly throughout France and many journeys are now available both to and from Rennes.

The bus network covers the 43 municipalities that make up the territory of Rennes: in total, 149 bus lines allow easy travel both in Rennes and its surroundings.

  • Rennes SB Campus: Accessible on lines C4 or 14 at the “Prefecture – ESC” stop (More information at

The city has been able to adapt to the changing habits of its residents in terms of shared transport and now offers car-sharing options in direct connection with metro stations.
BlaBlaCar: travel by car or bus

Star’t is the first regular carpooling line with guaranteed departures, without reservation, between Le Rheu, Pacé, Saint-Grégoire and Cesson-Sévigné (opening in early 2021)

The metro in Rennes is available to passengers every day of the year, except the first of May. It is an accessible, fast and reliable mode of transport. Bus timetables are equally adapted to facilitate metro connections.
In peak hours, a metro is scheduled to arrive every 1 min 30, and you can expect a metro every 4 minutes at off-peak times.

Rennes SB Campus: Line A – “Pontchaillou” stop – From the metro, there is a 10-minute walk to Rennes SB

The gateway to Brittany, Rennes is less than 1 hour 30 minutes by train from the Montparnasse station in Paris. The train station in Rennes was remodelled in 2020 and is now extremely modern, attractive and functional!

Rennes SB encourages its visitors, students, professors and staff to prioritise public transport or to use the hireable bicycle network in Rennes (or their personal bicycle). Nevertheless, the School has a car park which is reserved for students.

You can access the campus car park from:

– Avenue Charles Tillon
– Rue Robert d’Arbrissel

Citiz by Rennes Métropole allows you to access a hireable car, 24/7, at a location near you.

The city of Rennes has set up a bicycle network.
The campus also has bicycle parking facilities.

STAR, cycling

  • In 2020, Rennes ranked 3rd in the list of cycling cities (Métropole de Rennes, in the category of cities with more than 200,000 inhabitants).

Vélo à Rennes


Looking for student accommodation? Rennes School of Business can help!

More about personalised housing assistance (APL):

Rights, procedures and funding

For your rights and procedures, please consult:

Rennes School of Business is a partner of the Ille-et-Vilaine prefecture in order to allow students to renew their VISAs and/or residence permits efficiently.

On our campus, the Welcome Office is here to support students throughout the process, or to answer any questions relating to their stay in France.

Financing your studies

Life in Rennes

Rennes is a dynamic city that is popular with students.

A long-time contender in the top rankings, Rennes has taken first place in a new 2020 ranking (Thotis) that compares 57 student cities. The capital of Brittany also tops the list of best cities to study in France.

In its 2020/2021 student city ranking, L’Étudiant magazine ranks the city of Rennes in 3rd place of the 44 French cities assessed (L’Etudiant). Rennes is rated 10/10 for its attractiveness, atmosphere and quality of life. It also tops the 2020 Parisien ranking for quality of life and is named Number one in the 2020 Arthur Loyd Barometer for its attractiveness!