Student associations

There are 25 student associations at Rennes School of Business

Being a part of one of the student associations is an integral part of the first year of the Grande École Master Programme (PGE) and the Bachelor in Management (BiM).

Platforms for professional experimentation, associations make it possible to work as a team and to manage, organise and develop projects in an operational context that closely mirrors the reality of a company. Supervised and assessed, students apply their theoretical knowledge of company management and management “on the ground”.

The PGE associations are divided into five centres of activity (with clubs within different associations) and the choice of projects is vast: business services, entrepreneurship, sustainable development, finance, humanitarian projects, sports, artistic and cultural events, student services, etc.

The Bureau de la Vie Étudiante– BVE (The Student Life Office) is the main association to be managed by Bachelor students.

All the latest news from the Rennes School of Business associations and clubs!


Art & culture

Apogée’s mission is to promote oenology and gastronomy to all students at Rennes School of Business, through various original and authentic events organised throughout the year.
Events: Into the wine, Raid Œnologique Rennais, La Raclette, Regional cuisine, Jazz à wine, Wine tasting.

BDA, le bureau des arts (The Arts Office)
To promote art and culture within the school, notably through our events: Fashion day, Trophée Des Arts, Mascarade, Musical theatre, Rennes SB’s Got Talent, Expositions, Les flashs artistiques + box photo, Graphic art workshops.

The association’s primary mission is to promote and share music in all its forms at Rennes School of Business and in the wider Rennes region.
Events: Electronic music collective, Descibel studio, Concert Against Cancer (CAC), musical events, artist promotion.

Roazhon Records
The Roazhon Records association is a digital media organisation that aims to promote urban culture by publishing content and information on social networks.
Events: Media pop culture, Media formats: podcasts, playlists, news flash, interviews, informative IGTV, etc, Clash of lists, BA X BDS, Well’Records karaoke & Well’come, Rennes contenders, Le piège: Rap Concert & Descibel.

Le Flâneur
Le Flâneur is a student association whose purpose is to create and publish a Rennes city guide which is distributed free of charge to residents at the place de la Mairie every year in November. This practical & ethical guide is available in both paper and digital format via the website and has a strong presence on social networks.
This booklet groups together the best places to discover in Rennes, promoting the city, its retailers and the region, free of charge!

The main objective of this association is to ensure media coverage of the various school association events that take place during the year. Warlock takes photos and videos of association events and disseminates this content on various social networks so that all School students can view and use them. These photos and videos make it possible to retain precious memories of student life at Rennes School of Business.
Events: Warlock studio, JT/Yearbook, Warlock fait son cinema, Gestion de la régie, Studio 131, Media coverage of other association events.



Breizh Investors
#financial markets
Breizh Investors’ main mission is to promote finance within the school.
Events: Stock market challenge, revision sessions for partial examinations, Intro to Bloomberg software, Bar trading, Investment activities.

Bretagne Conseil
Since 1991, Bretagne Conseil has provided companies with the talent, dynamism and know-how of Rennes School of Business students in order to help them develop their projects. The association also carries out specialised case studies for different organisations and companies.
Events: Concert des nouveaux virtuoses.


KryptoSphere’s main mission is to democratise, raise awareness and train as many people as possible in the operations, uses and advantages of blockchain and cryptocurrencies during the activities of the association.
Events: conferences, newsletters, analysis, consultancy training.

Speak Up
Speak Up! is the association that invites students to “enter into the debate” by focusing on current affairs and public speaking.
Events: conferences, Clash of the Rennes SB Clans, Les Joutes Oratoires, Les Négociales.




Rennes Job Service
Rennes Job Service aims to connect companies and students from the school in order to provide them with temporary assignments. These missions must be educational in nature.


Humanitarian & Social

BDH – Bureau de l’humanitaire (The Humanitarian Office)
The BDH association organises events to raise funds for its partner association “Les enfants avant tout”, an association for child aid.
Events: ‘Bol de riz’, Valentine’s Day, Pair & Repair.


OPERA aims to guide and promote excellence and success through the support of young secondary school students from modest backgrounds with high academic potential. The association informs these students about the avenues of higher education that are available to them.
Events: a trip to a European capital, discovery sessions with partner schools, Operades, karaoke sessions.

The TER’N’CO association is responsible for promoting sustainable development at Rennes School of Business and in the wider Rennes region. The association aims to promote sustainable and responsible alternative methods to the entire student community in Rennes. They offer activities and ideas about how to choose a way of life that is more respectful to both us and our planet.
Events: le Salon du développement durable, eco-teliers (eco-workshops), organic produce baskets, Le Label, Le Rennes clean-up day, La Jungle.

Well’Come’s mission is to welcome, integrate and support international students at Rennes School of Business. The association also contributes to promoting the school internationally. It organises events aimed at fostering contact between French and international students.
Events: welcome periods, speed chatting, Disneyland Paris, International Fair.



4L Trophy coordination
The “4L Trophy Coordination” association co-organises the largest student raid in Europe in partnership with Désertours: the 4L Trophy Raid. Events: Raid 4L Trophy, official departure village in Biarritz, pre-village departure Grand Ouest, Red Cross collection.

Le bureau des sports (The Sports Office)
The aim of the BDS is to offer high-quality sports training to students at the School.
Events: TGO (Grand Ouest Tournament), Ecricome Challenge, Time (inter-micro-enterprise tournament), Golden sprint, Winter cup.

Fast Rennes
Fast Rennes aims to promote motorsport and road safety awareness within and outside the School. The association also promotes charitable engagement through the ‘Téléthon : Votre Rêve Leur Espoir’ event.
Events: Grand Prix Karting, Pégase Fluo Kitsch Party, Bingo, Votre Rêve Leur Espoir.

Promote health, well-being and the practice of sport: PSC1; Jump of the Heart; Westcoast day; Color pink run.

Team Challenge
The Team Challenge prepares, organises, builds and coordinates the performance of the Rennes delegation at the Ecricome Challenge, the 3rd biggest student sports event in France. Their goal is to defend the School’s sporting reputation under the association’s colours: orange and black.


Oceania aims to promote the practice and discovery of water sports and to raise awareness among Rennes School of Business students about marine life and the protection of the oceans.
Events: Surf Camp, Point Breal, Cruise Inter Écoles (CIE), Course Cruise Edhec (CCE), Yellow / RS’Baywatch / Mouss’aillon.


#video games
Rennes Global Gaming’s main purpose is to promote the world of video games, eSport and new technologies to students at Rennes School of Business.
They aim to share their interest and the opportunities in these sectors both recreationally and professionally.
Events: themed after-work meet-ups based on pop culture (Harry Potter, Disney, etc.), introduction to board games; promotion of e-sport, laser game/paintball game.


Student Life

BDE – le Bureau Des Etudiants (The Student Office)
The main mission of the Student Office is to make students from the school feel included and to create cohesion between them by animating their student life and organising various events.
Events: integration weekend, theme parties, blood donation, afterword meet-ups, octobre rose (Breast Cancer Awareness Month), promotional sweaters, Movember, Gala, RS’Break.


R’Store’s mission is to promote the brand image of Rennes School of Business through the sale of products featuring the school colours, logo and associations. R’Store also supports the projects of external associations by selling products and manages and runs the cafeteria in building 3 of the Rennes campus.

BVE du BiM (BiM Student Life Office)
#student life office
This is the association of the Bachelor in Management programme. It organises all student events, induction days and admission days to entrance exams. The main mission of the BVE is to ensure the quality of student life for everyone in the BiM programme.
Events: BiM induction day, Gala evening, Garden Party, Welbye.


In 2020, Rennes School of Business introduced clubs within the student associations in order to make more activities available to students while helping them to find a mission that they feel passionate about and in which they wish to invest their time and effort.

Rennes SB clubs:

Buddies Club
Bringing together French and international students through a sponsorship system and the organisation of group activities.
Events: orientation race, carnival (karaoke), ice rink, film nights, Olympics.
HeforShe Club
Raising awareness about gender equality, particularly through emphasising the importance of inter-gender dialogue.

Learning by Doing

The School’s new “Learning by Doing” model is structured around three areas:

Learning by Experimenting

Students are encouraged to join a Rennes SB association in which they can experiment by discovering a new skill or a new sector. By acting on behalf of an association of the School, students participate directly in the identity of the School and contribute to its influence.

Learning by Working

Students can valorise their student job by sharing their expertise from a particular field with their association.

Learning by Serving

Students can volunteer with a non-profit association located outside the school that is related to their association’s missions and objectives. In this way, students participate in regional communities and activities and act as ambassadors for the school.


Associations within management schools such as Rennes School of Business are fundamental to ensuring that a student can flourish during their studies. These associations unite different groups of students who have a common interest and who work together to develop different projects whilst developing their own abilities.

Associations also bring students together from a social point of view, since these are the people with whom they will spend the majority of their time at the School. I think that associations make it possible to create real “families”. They also make it possible to mature and give more responsibility to people who need it. Future managers are given the opportunity to organise an event from start to finish. In particular, they learn to work in groups by promoting the importance of constant communication, both internally and externally.

Pierre Le Maire, President of the Bureau des Elèves (BDE)