Student well-being

At Rennes SB, we believe that in order to find their way, our students must begin by feeling good about their daily lives and their studies.
The 3 pillars of our Feel Good initiative are designed to help us reach this objective:

  • Health & well-being
  • Ethics
  • Diversity and inclusion

Health & well-being at the heart of your studies

For any questions relating to health, or any need for advice or psychological support, our students are able to contact our partner health experts via the French-language BAPU service (University Psychological Assistance Office) or the Health Point to make an appointment with a health professional present on campus 3 days a week for completely confidential and discrete personalised support.
Rennes SB also organises various workshops dedicated to student well-being and health with topics such as: preventing addiction, fighting against harassment, hazing, managing your stress and emotions, sleep (relaxation techniques, meditation, sophrology, yoga) and advice on nutrition, etc.

Students with disabilities

Rennes SB is committed to fighting against all forms of discrimination and inequality, in order to ensure that all of our students are given equal opportunities to succeed.
It is to meet this objective that we have put in place specific measures to welcome and support students with disabilities or long-term illnesses.


Rennes SB has a zero-tolerance policy for behaviour that goes against its values of openness, respect and diversity.

The school is committed to living better together and fighting against hazing and all forms of harassment, discrimination and sexual and gender-based violence. In order to prevent such activities, empower our students and guarantee a safe and respectful student experience, Rennes SB has implemented:

  • A prevention and awareness plan
  • A dedicated platform, Reporting.Net, for students to signal, raise awareness and report inappropriate behaviour
  • A specialised protocol to help and support victims and/or witnesses

If you are in danger or if you wish to contact the police or the gendarmerie:

  • In case of emergency: you can call 17, or text 114
  • To exchange online with trained professionals anonymously

If you need special support, you can contact:

  • The Feel Good team via the 100% anonymous reporting platform: CLICK HERE
  • 3919, a national hotline for female victims of violence, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The call is anonymous and free.
  • The Rennes CIDFF for psychological or legal help on 02 99 30 80 89
  • Free psychologist consultation by telephone, available to listen to students of the school, available at 0 800 711 039 / +33 0974 99 00 52
  • Free psychologist consultation (face-to-face) from the Rennes University Psychological Support Office (BAPU) on 02 99 30 81 24
  • For more aid associations:

Diversity & Inclusion

At Rennes SB, diversity is one of our greatest strengths. Students are encouraged to recognise, accept and promote their differences so that everyone, regardless of their social background or medical situation, finds their place within our School. This is why we are committed to giving the same opportunities to everybody to access our pathways and services.

Our students can therefore be listened to and supported, in complete confidence and discretion, by the Feel Good teams. In synergy with the Programmes and Academic Affairs, they will provide personalised follow-up throughout the course and will help allow the students to benefit from a suitable working environment.

Throughout the year, workshops and conferences are organised to discuss the following issues: diversity management, gender parity and equality, sexism in the workplace, female leadership, and LGBTQIA+ awareness.