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Faculty & Research
A look back at the Rennes SB Summit: an international event to co-construct high-level research and seek answers to today’s transition challenges

On 9 and 10 October 2023, Rennes School of Business organised the first Rennes SB Summit. This summit, initiated by the Centre for Unframed Thinking (CUT), brought together researchers and personalities from all over the world to address the challenges of sustainable transformation from an interdisciplinary and cross-sectoral perspective...

Faculty & Research
The Centre for Unframed Thinking (CUT): Crossing disciplinary views on new research developments on autonomous vehicles

On the 28 and 29 November 2022, the Rennes School of Business Centre for Unframed Thinking hosted a series of conferences and discussions on the topic of cross-disciplinary views on new research developments on autonomous vehicles, co-organised with IMT Atlantique...

A look back at: Les Assises de la Parité 2022

On 28 June 2022, Rennes School of Business participated in Les Assises de la Parité 2022, an event which promotes dialogue, information and action in order to progress towards gender equality.

A look back at the Miyawaki Forest Conference at Rennes School of Business

On the 5 October 2021, Rennes School of Business hosted a conference with Xavier Dommange on the Miyawaki Forest method, a scheme which aims to restore native biodiversity in urban spaces.