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Faculty & Research
Student partnership in assessment: the power of peer review with ChallengeMe

Students have an important role to play in empowering their assessment and feedback processes. Rennes School of Business uses 'Challengeme' in order to make the grading process an interactive exchange.

Faculty & Research
New Product Development Process Execution, Integration Mechanisms, Capabilities, and Outcomes: Evidence from Chinese High-Technology Ventures

Successful ‘New Product Development’ (NPD) processes are particularly important for emerging markets such as China. Previous studies have mainly advocated the importance of NPD process ‘planning’ from ‘developed’ firms...

Faculty & Research
Teaching innovation at Rennes School of Business: from the classroom to LE LAB’

"In LE LAB'', we roll up our sleeves and we brainstorm to innovate!" LE LAB’ is an innovative and adaptable learning space, designed by the Instructional Learning Innovation team at Rennes School of Business, as a space for the students, staff and professors to collaborate on different projects...

Faculty & Research
LE LAB’: Unleashing the potential of innovative learning spaces at Rennes School of Business

In the world of education, where traditional boundaries are constantly being challenged, Rennes School of Business is positioning itself at an innovative stage...