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5 reasons to join Rennes School of Business

Thinking of studying abroad? At Rennes School of Business, you have the chance to study 100% in English in the multicultural environment of an internationally accredited school, all while living in Brittany, France!

Faculty & Research
A look back at the Rennes SB Summit: an international event to co-construct high-level research and seek answers to today’s transition challenges

On 9 and 10 October 2023, Rennes School of Business organised the first Rennes SB Summit. This summit, initiated by the Centre for Unframed Thinking (CUT), brought together researchers and personalities from all over the world to address the challenges of sustainable transformation from an interdisciplinary and cross-sectoral perspective...

Over 100 nationalities on campus: a school with an international identity

One of the defining factors of Rennes SB is that it is an international school with over 100 nationalities on campus. With programmes taught in English, events organised to encourage students to share their respective cultures, over 350 partner universities around the world and a host of university exchanges, Rennes SB is a melting pot of cultures, points of view and languages.

Staff Week 2023: 26 professionals from 20 countries came to exchange and share ideas at Rennes School of Business

In June 2023, Rennes School of Business organised its second international Staff Week. The aim was to strengthen links between universities and discuss common issues...