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The effects of medium and sequence on personality trait assessments in face-to-face and videoconference selection interviews: Implications for HR analytics

Adoption of new technology to support selection interviews may distort the validity of source data in HR analytics, with implications for Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms used to assess candidates’ personality traits...

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Societal Inequality, Corruption and Relation‑Based Inequality in Organizations

We all know how useful relationships are when it comes to finding an internship, a job or simply moving up the career ladder. Many suffer from the situation though and accepting that relationships are more useful than skills for "making a career" has a negative impact on companies...

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Middle-Managerial Deviance as a Response to Structural Strain: Rescoping, Reconfiguring and Replacing Norms

This paper examines how middle managers subvert organizational norms through diverse forms of deviance. We explore how deviance follows from incompatible pressures and norms across organizational levels and locations, and is realized in creative practical operationalizations of, and reaction to, conflicting norms.

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Researching Interpersonal Relationships at Work

Friendships at work can boost employee morale, well-being and cohesion within groups. However, being too friendly with colleagues can have a potential downside, and this can be even more problematic when that relationship includes customers...