Accommodation & Health


Rennes School of Business has opened in September 2017 a housing building for French and  international students located less than 5 minutes’ walking distance from the main campus.

Students may also consult the Rennes SB’ online accommodation platform for housing both in France and abroad.
Fully run by Rennes SB, this tool allows students, as soon as they are enrolled onto their Rennes School of Business Programme, to check availabilities of accommodation for the entire duration of their studies in Rennes.


They have access to a wide range of types of accommodation – in Rennes, in France during their internship and abroad during exchange semesters or international internships.

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French public health insurance for international students

The general French social security system is mandatory but free of charge for any Rennes School of Business student. To be covered medically during your first three months, we strongly advise you to contract a private social security insurance in your home country.

European & non-european students: more details here