Way Up! Language courses

The world has become a “global village” where economies are closely interrelated and political, social and cultural dimensions can be tightly interwoven or openly confrontational.
Rennes School of Business is ready to face these new challenges by educating students to be internationally aware.
All of our courses and actions are designed to pursue these objectives and the study of foreign languages is a key element of intercultural communication. Not only are programmes at Rennes SB taught in English, but students can also benefit from specialised language classes (English and second foreign languages) which are implemented within our Way Up! framework.
Way Up! is based on various different principles and ways of working.

  • Lessons are centred around participation and communication with activities based on real-life, everyday situations.
  • Students follow a number of different“Pods” (themed units).
  • Objectives are defined for each “Pod” and activities fit within these objectives.
  • Certain “Pods” are obligatory, others are optional. Students create their own personal pathways according to their specific needs.
  • “Pod” choices are made using an online training platform known as “Offre de Formation en Ligne” (OFLs).

Available Languages

  • English classes are obligatory for all students (with the exception of MSc students whose classes are all in English).
  • Second language classes are also obligatory: Arabic/German/Spanish/Chinese/Italian/Russian/etc…
  • Third language classes are available for certain students (according to their programme): Arabic/German/Spanish/Chinese/Italian/Russian/Japanese/Korean/Portuguese/French Sign Language/

For incoming students, French language and/or French Culture classes replace the second language classes.

External Language Tests

An approved score in an External Language Test, may be required (according to the programme):

  • to validate the diploma
    Full details of the requirements can be found in the Student Handbook for the appropriate programme,
  • to apply for Partner Universities
    Full details can be obtained from the International Mobility (Exchange) team.

Certain External Language Tests can be taken within school.

Languages office

The languages office (B1 – 166) is open from 9h30 to 13h30 on Mondays and Wednesdays and from 13h30 to 17h on Thursdays.