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The Rennes School of Business Foundation

Under the auspices of the Foundation of France

Building on the school's commitment to social and societal causes, and through various programmes and support initiatives for its students, the Rennes School of Business Foundation was established in 2022 under the auspices of the Foundation of France.


Driven by its Alumni and benefactors, the Rennes School of Business Foundation’s primary mission is to facilitate access to higher education for talented young individuals from diverse backgrounds. This foundation aims to foster connections between various stakeholders, including students, professionals, associations, and businesses, all united by a shared desire to learn, excel, make a difference, and support youth with a positive impact.

Here are the three main areas of focus:

  • Access to Education
  • Development of Research
  • Support for Entrepreneurship

Access to Education

Every young person has the potential to make an impact.

The number of scholarship students in French higher education decreased by 3.9% in 2021-2022.

These students are overrepresented in fields and territories with more limitied opportunities, and their percentage is relatively lower in institutions that are ranked highly in international rankings.

Three main levers contribute to the lack of social diversity in Grande Écoles.

  • Socio-professional background
  • Income
  • Geographical origin

We believe that every young person should have access to higher education to activate their potential for impact.

By becoming a more inclusive and supportive school and challenging limiting beliefs, we broaden the ranks of tomorrow’s #unframed leaders.

Equal Opportunities

Fighting against self-censorship among middle-class and rural high school students, opening up possibilities in terms of career choices, and contributing to improving their employability.

  • Cordée de la Réussite OPERA (accompanying 10 establishments)
  • Summer Camp (project for 2023) in favour of technological fields
  • Hosting High School students for a discovery internship (7 students at Rennes SB this year)

Financial Support

Providing financial assistance to students from modest backgrounds and encouraging them by recognising their achievements.

  • Social and Solidarity Scholarships (200 beneficiaries, with an average donation of 1500 euros)
  • Emergency Funds (50 beneficiaries per year, covering food, housing, and health needs).


Establishing mentoring between professionals and Rennes SB students, with the central objective of developing soft skills. The programme includes company visits, practical experiences, and lunches at restaurants.

Development of Research

Every young person wants to make an impact, and every young person should have access to cutting-edge knowledge to turn their aspirations into action.

It is now essential to advance education as a whole to sustainably transform our economy. The key? Advancing research related to transitions, which, in turn, advances the teaching models that accompany it.

By driving progress on these issues, we will be at the forefront of progress in our students’ education, disseminating new knowledge.

Centre for Unframed Thinking

The Centre for Unframed Thinking (CUT), the only advanced research centre hosted by a Grande École and its partners, promotes interdisciplinary research at the highest international level.

The CUT contributes to the global effort dedicated to analysing the numerous complex issues raised by current crises. These include climate change, emerging pandemics, and technological transitions.

Support for Entrepreneurship

Some young people already know how to act and every young entrepreneur should be supported as they begin their entrepreneurial journey.

In 2022, 50% of people under thirty dreamt of creating their own business.
By supporting impactful entrepreneurship, which generates economically sustainable businesses and/or the implementation of associative projects that address societal issues left unanswered, we stimulate the impact of youth on the world.


Incubated projects benefit from premises and guidance to help them as they start up. Being part of the incubator is essential to create synergies among project leaders, stimulate them and integrate them into a common dynamic.

Accompaniment Programme

Each project leader follows a personalised support programme with regular coaching to structure their idea and launch their business creation project. Among other themes, they address defining needs and client segmentation, exploring the market, the value chain and proposition, action plans, prototyping, pitching, etc.


Founding Members

  • Association Rennes School of Business Alumni: Christophe Darde, Secretary


  • Samsic: François Curé, Director of HR Development
  • Hassan Triqui, CEO President, Secure IC, and President of the Foundation Rennes School of Business

Qualified Personalities

  • Vanessa Bouquillon, Private Banker for associations and foundations, Engagement Manager, BNP Paribas
  • Emmanuelle Degrauwe, COO, Deputy General Manager, Banque Populaire Grand Ouest
  • Valérie Gaudart, Head of External Communication and Civil Society Relations, Group’ Head of Com. VP, ENGIE


  • Jean Audouard, General Director

Get Involved

By becoming a donor, you become an actor of the Foundation and support our projects.

How to Donate

Financial or material donation, skills-based philanthropy

Your taxes in the service of a cause of public interest

Your donation is 60% tax-deductible for corporate taxes or 66% tax-deductible for income taxes.

Allocating Your Donation

Freely or earmarked for a particular cause. Transparent management carried out by the Foundation of France.

“We don’t just want our young people not only to be the best in the world, but to the best for the world.”
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Marie La Fragette, Rennes School of Business.
Marie La Fragette, Corporate and Alumni Relation Director - Fondation Rennes SB - Tél : 06 80 24 35 74