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Validation of Prior Experience: obtain recognition of your professional background via a diploma

The scheme

The scheme offers the opportunity of a total or partial certification (diploma, title for professional
purposes or professional qualification certificate) based upon prior salaried, non-salaried or
volunteer work.
This prior experience, in line with the certification sought after, is approved by an adjudication panel.
The various certifications, officially registered by the Répertoire National des Certifications
Professionnelles (RNCP), are accessible via this scheme.

Applicant profile

Open to all profiles, regardless of age, nationality, status or level of education, provided they have at
least 3 years of prior salaried, non-salaried or volunteer work in line with the diploma in question.
Length : 9 months-1 year
Advantages of the scheme

  • Converts experience and skills into a diploma
  • Showcases, professionalises and qualifies prior experience
  • Promotes internal mobility, promotion and conversion
  • Motivates and offers prospects
  • Streamlines training, reduces periods of absence and costsFor companies: improves employee retention and optimises skill management

6 step structure

  • Interview: request analysis
  • Application: overview of professional and extra-professional background, educational
    background and presentation of project
  • Admissions panel: analysis of application feasibility, verification of admissions criteria
  • Guidance from Rennes School of Business on setting-up of VAE dossier: methodological and
    pedagogical assistance. The applicant must prepare a dossier detailing their skills. An adviser
    from Rennes School of Business will assist them in gathering examples and proof of their
    skills and in preparing for the panel interview
  • Final panel: appearance before panel, during which the applicant must be able to
    demonstrate the relevance of their experience with the diploma in question
  • Decision – partial or total approval


Company training plan – Individual training leave – Possible regional financial aid – Individual financing The following diploma and training title are eligible for the Validation of Prior Experience scheme in executive education programs at Rennes School of Business :

  • IBPM (International Bachelor Programme in Management), Bac +3
  • Level II “Head of Logistics”

For further information,
You may consult the Validation of Prior Experience online platform IBPM, the scheme for obtaining Validation of Prior Experience
As part of the IBPM is designed for in-thefield and line managers whose experience must meet the following criteria:

  • A command of operational management tools and the required managerial skills, in order tocreate value for the company in a sustainable, effective and efficient way: organisation,management; analysis and recommendation
  • The ability to communicate and negotiate, act as a relay for the company when in the fieldand display the ability to manage human and cultural diversity
  • An ability to handle the managerial stakes of sustainable and responsible development3 available specialisations: Sales & Marketing – Purchasing % Supply Chain – Finance & Banking.

Target profile

A minimum 3 years of prior professional experience of relevance to the diploma in question


6/8 months

  • Entry level
  • According to level of experience, application file and preliminary application study

For further information:

Isabelle Jouet – Business Advisor
Tel: Afficher le numéro02 99 54 6374
Mail: Afficher l'
Head of Logistics

Rennes School of Business scheme offers the opportunity to obtain the partial or entire title of Level II Head of Logistics for professional purposes. This title is an official certification and registered with the Répertoire Nationale des Certifications Professionnelles (RNCP)

And the Journal Officiel du 14/04/2012 by the ACFCI.

Target profile :

A minimum 3 years of prior professional experience of relevance to the diploma in question. The skills required to prepare for this certifications must match with the following themes:

  • Defining a logistical strategy adapted to the stakes and needs of the company
  • Steering an logistical activity by incorporating green supply chain values
  • Managing logistics teams
  • Controlling and optimising the logistics chain from A to Z (Supply Chain Management)


9 months-1 year

  • Entry level
    According to level of experience, application file and preliminary application study

For further information:
Marie-Hélène Abbane – Pedagogical Engineering Assistant
Tel: Afficher le Numéro02 99 71 60 25
Mail: Afficher l'


The IBPM Validation of Prior Experience – a new challenge for Guillaume Alzingre
Guillaume Alzingre is more than familiar with challenges, judging by his six individual world champion titles and eight team titles, three European champion titles and eight national titles. This top-level sportsman chose to bring his sporting career to an end and resume studying in order to secure for himself “a stable professional future”.To achieve this, Guillaume Alzingre joined the Rennes School of Business IBPM – International Bachelor in Management at the beginning of the 2016/17 academic year via the Validation of Prior Experience scheme. This training programme, completion of which delivers a high-level diploma, represents the latest challenge for the 32-year-old champion. Read the Télégramme article “Alzingre range sa pagaie” (in French) More about the IBPM Validation of Prior Experience

Thomas Waendendries, Business developer, AMA SA

I wanted to get involved in the IBPM – International Bachelor in Management via the Validation of Prior Experience scheme so that I could deal with the demands of an employment market where having a diploma with a professional tie-in is essential.
My professional background is a varied one, covering the areas of watches and jewellery, health, arts and crafts, and computerised de-materialisation. The various positions that I held always had a link with the international market and sustainable development where the ability to adapt was key. Project and team management and commercial development featured among my responsibilities. When I began the Validation of Prior Experience scheme I was working as Head of Sales France for a national-level software firm. The know-how I already possessed was really brought out into the open and made clearer via the personal work and the exchanges that I had with the Rennes School of Business advisor during the preparation of my dissertation.Just recently graduated thanks to the Validation of Prior Experience scheme, I now hold the position of Business Developer on an international level for the firm AMA SA, which involves being in charge of mobile video-conferencing solutions and “XpertEye” connected spectacles designed for teleassistance and tele-medicine

Jean-Charles Gourio – Fresh Produce Sales Agency Manager

I have been working freelance for 16 years in the agri-food business. I chose to undertake the  Rennes School of Business IBPM Bachelor in International Management via the Validation of Prior Experience scheme in order to gain greater recognition of the quality of my work, my professional skills and increase my chances of progressing. Over the 9-month period of the VAE scheme I had to combine my professional activity with the preparation of my dissertation. The main strength of the project is that it gives you a genuine chance to take full stock of your working values and prospects. The Rennes School of Business advisor helps you highlight certain factors that you might otherwise overlook within your daily working life.The direction that the VAE scheme took me in was very enriching on the teaching side and also quite unusual for someone with a freelance status, enabling me to gain a genuine overview of my professional background and give me food for thought regarding the next stages of my career. Graduating with this diploma has opened the door to the possibility of taking a Master’s, giving me the chance to evolve professionally by altering the structural organisation of my sales agency, as well as aiming for a head of sales position in the next two years.


Emmanuel Gauthier, Project Manager – Supply Chain / PARKER Hannifin, Rennes

The Head of Logistics level II title that I obtained from Rennes School of Business via the Validation of Prior Experience scheme has enabled me to gain due recognition for my 4 years of professional experience as Head of Logistics for Parker in Belgium.
After a total 500 hours of work spread over 15 months, I successfully defended my project before a panel of Logistics and Transport professionals and experts. This diploma provides the perfect completion to my initial training studies as a production engineer.
The less operational role that I now carry out as Project Manager – Supply Chain demands a more global vision of supply chains. The various exchanges that I had, both with the programme advisor and my fellow students, have really broadened my knowledge. The skills acquired along the way now help me in leading the projects of which I am in charge from a far wider perspective.

Xavier Roux, Head of Logistics for the Le Gouessant Group

Xavier Roux successfully completed the Validation of Prior Experience scheme in 2013, a step which now enables him to gain greater recognition of his professional skills and know-how thanksto the diploma obtained.Xavier Roux started his VAE project in September 2012. I wanted to obtain a level II title, the Head

of Logistics diploma that would officially rubberstamp my skills and know-how”, he explains. “The guidance offered by Rennes School of Business, above all via the recommendations given by a dedicated advisor, gave me genuine direction throughout the process. The tips given in terms of methodology and orientation were invaluable, along with the regular meetings which ensured that I remained on the right track”.“As a result, I can now envisage taking a Specialised Master’s in Logistics or Supply Chain
Management, which would not have been possible without gaining this diploma first. In addition to the broader professional options that I now have thanks to the VAE scheme, I am now in a position to look back on the previous steps in my career with a view to moving ahead!”

Information meetings

To find out the date of the next information meeting regarding the Validation of Prior Experience,please do not hesitate to contact:

  • Head of Logistics VAE : Marie-Hélène Abbane
  • IBPM VAE: Isabelle Jouet