Welcoming and supporting students with disabilities

So that all of our students have access to the same opportunities, programmes and services

In line with its Corporate Social Responsibility strategy, Rennes SB is committed to fighting against all forms of discrimination and inequality, in order to ensure that all of our students are given equal opportunities to succeed.

It is to meet this objective that we have put in place specific measures for inclusion and equal treatment, particularly through the three main areas of development for persons with disabilities:

  • Developing the accessibility of our campuses.
  • Welcoming and supporting students with disabilities or long-term illnesses, from admission to their professional career.
  • Raising awareness among the entire Rennes SB community about disabilities.

Specific and personalised support for persons with disabilities

In addition to the support services offered to all of our students, Rennes SB has set up a personalised support system for students with disabilities or serious illnesses that wish to make use of the available resources.

Several supportive measures are possible within the school, including:

  • changes to examination procedures: extended examination time, the authorisation of personal equipment (notably medical), the possibility to take a break (particularly to allow students to take medical treatment);
  • educational arrangements: a medical certificate that authorises the student to be absent from class when necessary.

In order to benefit from these support systems, students are able to make an appointment with the Feel Good team (all appointments remain strictly confidential) and provide a simple file.

The Feel Good team, who provide a link between the different departments of Rennes SB, will then ensure personalised monitoring and support for the student throughout their programme.

Disabilities: working together

Did you know?

80% of disabilities are invisible, the stereotype of a person in a wheelchair is misleading.

During their working life, one in two French employees will be faced with a disability (either permanent or temporary).

Rennes SB stands against preconceived ideas about disability and promotes inclusion. In order to act positively and to raise awareness among the managers of tomorrow on topics of disability, the School organises actions and events that are dedicated to disability and serious illnesses for its community (teachers, students, staff).

A contact person for persons with disabilities is also present at the school to ensure personalised support and coordination.

Get in touch with our contact personfeel.good@rennes-sb.com
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