Learn in a work-study format

It is possible to study in a work-study format at Rennes School of Business. The school/company work-study rhythm is adapted to the objectives and missions of each programme. At Rennes School of Business, 850 work-study contracts placements are available to students for the start of the 2022 academic year.

The advantages of a work-study format

  • harmonisation of the content covered during the training periods at school and the training periods in the company, allowing a combination of theory and practice
  • the opportunity to discover and train as an employee (if a contracted work-study programme) in a professional environment in a real situation, while being supported by both the school and the company;
  • tuition fees financed by the company and a salary for the work-study student (work-study contracts);
  • a recognised system for promoting professional integration and rapid access to a first job;

83% of recruiters say that they prefer a candidate who has completed a work-study programme (CGE 2019 survey).

Work-study rhythms

The schedule and rhythm of the school/company work-study programme are adapted to the objectives and missions of each programme and are based on the academic year, i.e. from September/October to August of the following year.

  • BACHELOR programme: 3 days in the company (Monday -Tuesday- Wednesday) / 2 days in the school (Thursday-Friday)
  • MASTER programmes on the Rennes campus: almost 3 weeks in the company / 1 week at the School
  • MASTER programmes on the Paris campus: 3 days at the beginning of the month (Thursday-Friday-Saturday) + 1 day in the following 2 weeks
  • Between 65 and 75% of the contract time spent in the company (depending on the 1-year or 2-year format)

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