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More than just introducing our students to the world, we bring it to them.

Part of it's unique identity is Rennes School of Business’ international community, both on and off the campus. Throughout their studies at Rennes SB, students are plunged into an international environment in which they can experience, share and learn from students and professors from around the world. Studying alongside students of all different nationalities enables students to understand and experience differences in cultural attitudes and practices from a first-hand perspective, preparing them for a high-flying international, intercultural career.

International reputation

The international Faculty of Rennes School of Business is part of what makes it so unique. What better way to learn about management in an international context than from a Faculty of which 85% of its professors come from outside of France?

What’s more, over half of the student population is international, transforming the classrooms of Rennes SB into a natural melting pot of cultures, languages and viewpoints.

The School is recognised both nationally and internationally in a range of rankings !

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Bringing the world to Rennes

Learn in English, while studying in France

For those who want to study in France but don’t speak the language: Rennes School of Business is the perfect solution. All of the programmes at the school are taught in English, meaning that students come from all over the world to obtain their degrees.

From the moment they step on campus, the Rennes SB community is immersed in a multicultural environment. The international nature of the Rennes SB community transforms the classroom into a unique international learning experience in which students and professors learn from one another, sharing their cultural specificities, attitudes and practices.

The International Fair

The Rennes School of Business International Fair is an annual event with a double intention: to provide a dedicated moment for students to celebrate the diversity of cultures within the School community, all while learning more about the partner universities in which they might complete their Winter Session or international exchange.

The event is organised in close collaboration with the Well’Come student association, whose main mission is to welcome international students to the School and help them settle into life and their studies in France.


Exchange students

Rennes School of Business in Brittany welcomes international full-time or exchange students, from all over the world. Exchange students can either register for classes using transfer credit or as part of a double degree at either the undergraduate or postgraduate level, according to the agreement between their home institution and Rennes School of Business and the level of their studies.


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Academie Diderot

Another key element of a multicultural community is ensuring that international students are able to settle into the French way of life. The Academie Diderot is an initiative that is dedicated to helping international students learn about the French language and culture whilst preparing them for the world of work.

Students are able to learn from modules including:

  • Life in France: a survival guide;
  • Brittany, France: culture and traditions;
  • The world of work;
  • French around the world.

Celebration of international events at the School

To celebrate its international community, Rennes School of Business celebrates different international events throughout the year:

Student Associations and clubs:

Well’Come Association

The Well’Come student association is there to help international students integrate into Rennes and France. For more information about the Well’Come team and how they can help you when you arrive in France, check out their Facebook page and Instagram account.

Buddies Club

Bringing together French and international students through a sponsorship system and the organisation of group activities.
Events: orientation race, carnival (karaoke), ice rink, film nights, Olympics.

Rennes SB means:

  • 90% permanent international professors
  • 34 nationalities among the professors
  • 1/3 international students
  • 100+ nationalities on campus in Rennes
  • 100% of courses taught in English
  • 350+ partner universities around the world

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Worldwide connections

Foreign languages

Although English is the main teaching language at Rennes School of Business, a variety of second and third languages are available during the curriculum of certain programmes at the school. All students complete a number of English classes (except MSc students) and a second language is compulsory for students: Arabic, German, Spanish, Chines, Italian, Russian. According to their programme, certain students have the possibility of learning Japanese, Korean, Portuguese or French Sign Language. For more about languages at the school click here.

350+ partner universities

International exchange is an important part of all the programmes at Rennes School of Business. All of the students at the School will travel abroad at some point during their curriculum to spend a number of weeks or months studying at another university, in a different country.

With over 350 partner universities around the world, the students from Rennes School of Business will inevitably find themselves immersed in a host of new cultures, experiences and languages, making the support provided by the international mobility team essential to the student experience.

International mobility

At Rennes SB, a dedicated team in charge of international mobility assists students throughout their international exchange, from their registration in a host partner university and throughout their stay abroad. Each member of the team is responsible for a specific geographical area, meaning that they have the country-specific expertise to advise and guide the students in their sector.


Global careers

International work experience

An integral part of the Rennes School of Business experience is the chance to study and gain professional experience abroad. All students in initial training will complete an internship at some point during their programme, many of which have an international aspect.

In order to support international students during their search for an internship, a dedicated Careers Advisor is available to guide international students and help them to adapt their job or internship search strategy to the French and European talent markets. Internship and job offers, found both in France and abroad, are available on the School’s internal Career platforms and students get the chance to meet and exchange with professionals from around the world during the Rennes SB Corporate Days during recruitment fairs, coaching sessions and conferences on different topics, industries and domains.

The Alumni network means:

  • 26000+ Alumni in France and abroad
  • 140+ countries
  • 25% of Alumni based abroad
  • 50+ clubs around the globe
  • 100+ events and meet-ups per year

Meet our Young Alumni from around the world:

Meet more Young Alumni

Unframed Talking

For the School’s 30th anniversary, we met with some of our most “Unframed” Alumni to hear about their exceptional international careers after graduating from Rennes School of Business:

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Where can you find our Alumni?

Take a look at the map to give you an idea of all the countries in which our Alumni can be found around the world:

“More than just introducing our students to the world, we bring it to them.”