Rennes School of Business celebrates its 30-year anniversary

The French Grande Ecole de Commerce unveils its new visual identity to be used for the duration of the celebrations.

Rennes SB a 30 ansFounded in 1990, this autumn Rennes SB celebrates 30 years since the inauguration of its first building on the Beauregard campus in Rennes. Throughout the years, our Management School has kept its identity and values intact, with an international outlook, a pioneering spirit and academic excellence.


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In the space of 30 years, we have been able to occupy a unique, global and multicultural place in the prestigious family of top French Business Schools from Rennes, Brittany. In the space of 30 years we have grown into a mature School with nearly 30,000 graduates throughout the world who have all, in their own way, thought “outside the frame”. We are pleased to announce that we will be celebrating this anniversary with our community of #UnframedThinkers in a few months’ time.” Thomas Froehlicher, Director General of Rennes School of Business.

From September 2021

Pour célébrer les 30 ans de Rennes SBRennes School of Business is also opening the invitation to its entire community, its alumni around the world, its partner companies, the academic and institutional works, its team of staff, as well as current and future students from the start of the academic year in September 2021, for the celebration of this momentous occasion, with events and campaigns organised throughout the 2021-2022 academic year, on the campuses of Rennes, Paris and, of course, throughout the world!


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Rennes School of Business invites you to join us in celebrating its 30-year anniversary