The Dean

A Business School of its own time and unique in France

Dr Thomas Froehlicher – Dean and Director General


Thomas FROEHLICHER Comex de Rennes SBThis creates considerable opportunities but also greater complexity. Management Schools must face these new challenges, by responding to companies’ needs in educating and training students and managers to be the “Responsible Business Entrepreneurs” for tomorrow’s world. For Rennes School of Business, it has led to the development of two main priorities: Internationalisation and Innovation.

Programmes taught in English by an international full-time faculty, students coming from all over the world through exchange agreements or as non-exchange students, international research cooperation, programme development with international partners and international faculty exchange: all of these are key features of our School.

As a consequence, managing diversity and “being international”are embedded in our organisational culture and are directly experienced by everyone on campus. Building new knowledge useful to companies through research, offering high-value executive programmes, developing innovative teaching approaches, giving students opportunities to gain hands-on experience, and using technology and multimedia resources make Rennes SB a Business School of its own time and unique in France.

The world has become a“global village” where economies are closely interrelated, political, social and cultural dimensions tightly interwoven or openly confrontational.