Our strategy

2024-2028 strategic plan
Rennes SB, the school that shapes Unframed Leaders

Unframed Thinking, the ethos of Rennes SB that is more alive than ever as the world around us needs leaders capable of thinking outside the box.

Shaping Unframed Leaders

Plan stratégique 2024-2028 Rennes School of BusinessAt a time when the world is undergoing radical change, and making environmental and societal issues are vital, when technological change is accelerating, when new business models with a positive impact are emerging, and when new generations are eager to embrace a new economy, Unframed Thinking is increasingly the driving force that spurs on our learners to challenge the status quo to innovate in the quest for global performance: one that is more creative, more collective, and more sustainable.

To train these Unframed Leaders, we propose a new 2024-2028 strategic plan for our School, which aims to be one of the most multicultural, innovative and impactful Management Schools.

Building the foundations of new leadership

Rennes SB is ideally placed to train the Unframed Leaders the world needs. Creative people and those creating new ideas (Create), influential people and leaders of committed groups (Connect), with the ability to put their ideas into practice (Change), Unframed Leaders aim to innovate for a better world.


  • Profitable for the company and profitable for the planet and society: this calls for new ways of thinking, new ways of doing things, integration of new technologies and new conceptions of business models. It calls for new creativity in the service of all-round performance.
  • Creative learners who are challenging the status quo to respond to the stakes of our society. Curious minds who innovate and perform by drawing inspiration from other ecosystems and putting their experience into practice when implementing a deployment plan.


  • In a post-industrial era that is continuing with the emergence of a socio-economic system that is complex (project mode, horizontal mode, networks), we need leaders who are aware that the challenges facing society can only be solved together by looking through different eyes and cultural intelligence, and by connecting with others.
  • Collaborative leaders who embrace their international teams and demonstrate sensitivity to differences and agility in communication.


  • Beyond traditional business processes based on trend analysis and long-term plans, we need to equip leaders with the necessary toolbox to change the face of performance, become action-oriented and manage change.
  • Able to challenge ideas and move things forward, they will be supported by a range of skills that will help them accelerate transformations.
  • Our vision

    Shaping the Unframed Leaders of a changing world

    Rennes School of Business, supported by its interdisciplinary research, aims to nurture the Unframed Leaders for a changing world, and to become one of the most multicultural, innovative, and impactful Management Schools.

    Our heritage

    • Cultural intelligence: inherited from the international openness and pioneer mindset behind Unframed Thinking

    Our ambition

    • Innovation: backed by a mindset of Unframed Thinking

    Our purpose

    • Impact: positive impact generated thanks to innovation from Rennes SB

    Our mission

    Trois axes du plan stratégiques de Rennes SB 2024-2028

    Unframed Experience, Unframed Education, Unframed Community: three strategic areas at the centre of our 2024-2028 plan.

    Thanks to its learner-centred approach (Unframed Experience), the uniqueness of its educational programmes (Unframed Education) and its ability to engage its community (Unframed Community, Rennes SB gives everyone the power to become an Unframed Leader in a constantly changing environment.

    A leading player

    Making the most of its “Unframed Thinking” mindset, its international DNA, the dissemination of its interdisciplinary research and its stakeholder partnerships, the School is committed to being a leading player to accelerate innovation in a responsible, sustainable world.

    Unframed Experience

    Inventing an increasingly personalised learning experience by capitalising on a strong use of technology and hands-on experience to create a positive impact.
    1 – Personalise the student experience through technology.
    2 – Assert our international uniqueness.
    3 – Improve the quality of student life in Rennes and Paris.
    4 – Increase immersion in professional contexts and projects with a positive impact

    • Example: AI at the heart of pedagogy: the business case instance

    Rennes SB is reimagining the use of management business cases in higher education through the use of generative AI in partnership with an EdTech* start-up.
    Trials in 2024

    Unframed Education

    Offer a portfolio of innovative programmes, driven by our interdisciplinary research, combining academic knowledge and skills in response to the new expectations of the job market.
    1 – Develop the appeal of our programmes.
    2 – Mass deployment of transition-related knowledge.
    3 – Put research excellence at the heart of teaching.

    • Example: Development of innovative programmes on contemporary tech topics:

    Microsoft is partnering with Rennes SB to train 100% of its students in AI: they will be assessed on their completion of 3 modules supported by LinkedIn Learning: definition and impact of AI, prompt engineering, ethics & critical thinking.
    Launch in 2024

    Unframed Community

    Leverage the impact of Rennes SB by creating our own innovation ecosystem where our communities work together to help one another.
    1 – Boost the potential of our alumni community
    2 – Become a reference employer in France and locally
    3 – Engage with our brand and our commitment to responsibility.

    • Example: Reverse mentoring dedicated to cyber risk management

    Students of Rennes SB, who are trained in cybersecurity, will participate in reversed mentoring with regional companies in order to increase their awareness.

    Experimentation in 2024.

    2028 target: 100% of programmes to incorporate innovative teaching approaches

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    “Thinking differently makes all the difference ”